Young, Smart and Insured Part 3: The Fees of Freelance

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Young, Smart and Insured Part 3: The Fees of Freelance

With the changing job landscape, Younger people are creating and coming into jobs that didn’t exist fifty years ago. Many are leaving the classic confines of the 9-5 workplace and striking out on their own as freelance workers and tradespeople. When you are young the main goal is making a name for yourself and getting a stable income – but protecting yourself should be just as important, as there are many risks to being your own boss.

Commercial Insurance can cover legal fines from being work-for-hire, cover any legal losses and cover any loss of business.

Fines, Fees and All that’s In Between

When working as a contractor or freelancer you take on a larger responsibility legally than you might think, and the last thing you need is an unforeseen incident leaving you in financial ruining. Commercial Insurance can cover many different aspects of these risks, so with the right cover you can move past any of these hurdles.

Statutory Liability can cover both the cost of fines and legal defence protection incurred through some breaches of Statute, Public Liability insurance protects you and your business by covering legal fees that occur from public damage or injury caused by your business. And finally, Professional Indemnity insurance can cover legal costs that can occur from incorrect professional advice, defamation and design flaws.

Just Keep Rollin’, Rollin’ Rollin’

Keeping the wheels of your business is important both figuratively and literally. Commercial insurance can cover you and your business so that any sort of loss doesn’t keep you in limbo.

Commercial Vehicle insurance can help cover any accidental damage to, or loss of, motor vehicle/s that you use as a core part of your business. Business interruption insurance is designed to cover you against the actual loss of business income you sustain, so if a natural disaster leaves you with a rebuild, you’ll be covered so you’ll the same financial position as if you were open and operating.

For the Right Advice, Talk to an Advisor

Making sure your business, and the dream, can survive in the long run should be your main priority – and making sure that it is structured to your individual aspirations are exactly what insurance advisors are there for. With a free consultation and no obligation quote you are taking the first steps in ensuring that your dream and business will provide and grow with you.

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