Surviving The Summer Sauna In Your Home!

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Surviving The Summer Sauna In Your Home!

Better Living Everyone: DIY Kiwi Life Hacks to Keep the Home Cool this Summer

Despite the indecisive weather patterns, January 2018 has proven to be a classic kiwi scorcher which can make the ol’ homestead feel like an 80’s country club sauna – and nobody wants that!

But we are a nation of thinkers, tinkerers, and beer drinkers – and everyone has an aunty or uncle who has a classic kiwi life hack to keep cool in the summer, and we have the four best-kept secrets below at your disposal!

  1. Fire Up the BBQ.

Being stuck in a muggy and sticky room is bad enough, but adding fire to the flames can only make it worse. It’s science. So turn your oven and stove off, full up the LPG and throw some fresh veggies and meat on the outdoor BBQ! It’s not only a great way to keep cool but also to get everyone out of the house and socializing!

  1. Hook up a Hammock

One of the benefits of growing up in New Zealand is getting to enjoy the big backyard, and hooking up a hammock is a great way to relax under the shade and enjoy nature. Throw in a crisp orange juice or a chilled beer and just scroll on your phone, or better yet, enjoy a good book to help you doze off.

  1. Safety locks and nets

Two summer essentials to keeping a steady airflow throughout those long summer days! Safety locks can keep your windows open all day long even when you are away at work, so you can come home to a cool home – instead of a stuffy box. Netting can help keep those long summer nights crisp and keep the mosquitos at bay so you can sleep in peace.

  1. Pool.

You don’t need a million-dollar section or salary to have a pool, a Childs pool or clam are great to just sit in and chill – throw in some friends, some good kiwi bangers and some beverages (in a separate pool on ice) and you have yourself a classic kiwi shindig on your hands!

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