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PFSL Rentals

A Division of Professional Financial Solutions

PFSL Rentals  provides property management services at very competitive rates. We take the hassle out of managing a rental property,  doing the hard work for you, so you can sit back and relax. We understand the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.

Peace of mind

We make managing your property a stress-free process where the landlord receives the return on their investment and we manage their property. We act on their behalf so we deal with the day to day issues and give you the peace of mind of owning an investment property. Landlords can have the confidence that their property is in the safe hands of property management experts. Our property managers will look after their investment as one of their own.

Build your own rental property portfolio

We can assist the landlords in making the right decision to buy their investment property by providing a rental assessment. We can attend the pre-purchase inspection and highlight any issues with the desired property.

Right tenants

We will advertise your property through Trademe and social media channels and present a list of prospective tenant inquiries. We will conduct open homes to ensure we get a good cross-section of tenants for your home. Finding right tenants is a rigorous selection process where we go through all the checks to ensure the tenant and the occupants are of good character, financially sound and meet our strict reference and credit checks. We will prepare all the required paperwork and get it signed by the tenant. We will ensure that the property is tenanted as soon as it is vacated. So the new tenants can move in just in time as the old ones are leaving.

Getting higher rent

We manage hundreds of properties all over Auckland. We have the local knowledge and understand the rental market very well. We do rent reviews every 6 months to ensure you get a better return on your investment. So if there is an opportunity to increase your return then we will keep you up to date.

Ongoing management

The ongoing management of your property will include the collection of rent and water rates, arrange any maintenance or repairs to the property with our experienced tradesmen, or refer the job to your preferred repairer.

Regular inspections

We do regular inspections every 3 months to ensure your property is maintained to the highest standards in line with most insurance policy conditions. We also ensure that number of occupants living in your property are listed on the tenancy agreement. Any faults, recommendations, damages or concerns are brought to your attention immediately. In the event of an emergency, we will try to contact you but our priority is to ensure minimum damage to your property and arrange urgent repairs as appropriate.

Rentals funds

As a landlord, you want to ensure that rental income is received and deposited into your bank account on time. The money received from the rentals each week is held in a trust account. We transfer the money to your bank account on regular basis. You can count on us that your money is safe with us.

Regular communication

We are in constant touch with the landlords keeping them up to date with the day to day communication made with the tenants. So instead of bothering them at work, we provide regular updates at a time convenient to them.

Any repair work or maintenance work quotes are sent to the landlords and consent is taken before undertaking the repairs work. So you can be rest assured of any unexpected surprises that can put a dent in your day to day finances. A copy of the invoice will be scanned and sent to the landlord.

Dispute resolution

Sometimes things can go wrong between the landlord and tenant. We understand property legislation and your rights as landlords and can deal with issues arising quickly and efficiently. Our property managers can represent the landlords at mediation and tenancy tribunal hearings.

Rental Tax Return

We also provide property rental tax return services. To ensure you meet your tax obligations, you must file your annual tax returns detailing income and claim expenses incurred while maintaining your property. We can run through the process with you.


PFSL Rentals (a division of Professional Financial Solutions) take the hassle out of managing rental property management and tax return at the same time. So owning a rental investment with us is a complete peace of mind.

Why do property owners choose PFSL Rentals?

We have the legal knowledge, access to credit check service, quality tradespeople, leading property management software, quick resolution process, market knowledge and good reputation to manage your property investment. Give us a try and you have nothing to loose.

Rights and responsibilities

A list of Landlords & Tenants rights and responsibilities

  • provide and maintain the premises in a reasonable condition
  • allow the tenant quiet enjoyment of the premises
  • comply with all building, health and safety standards that apply to the premises
  • deal with any abandoned goods at the end of the tenancy in accordance with the provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act
  • inform the tenant or prospective tenants if the property is on the market for sale
  • have an agent if they are out of New Zealand for more than 21 consecutive days

  • seize the tenant’s goods for any reason
  • interfere with the supply of any services to the premises except where the interference is necessary to avoid danger to any person or to enable maintenance or repairs to be carried out

  • keep the premises reasonably clean and tidy
  • notify the landlord as soon as any repairs are needed
  • use the premises principally for residential purposes
  • pay for outgoings they actually consume or use, such as: electricity, gas, telephone charges and metered water
  • notify the landlord as soon as possible if any damage occurs
  • leave the property clean and tidy, and clear of rubbish and possessions at the end of the tenancy
  • at the end of the tenancy, leave all keys and such things with the landlord. Leave all chattels supplied with the tenancy

  • withhold rent if the landlord cannot get repairs done
  • damage or permit damage to the premises
  • disturb the neighbours or the landlord’s other tenants
  • alter or attach anything to the premises without the landlord’s written consent
  • use the property for any unlawful purpose
  • exceed the maximum number of occupants as stated in the tenancy agreement

Testimonials from our clients

“I am NZ property investor based in Sydney Australia.

I was referred to PFSL property management by friend of mine. My experience so far has been great. Team at PFSL property management are always very helpful and professional. They offer competitive management rates. They carry out timely property inspections and report to us of any issues. If any work to be carried out they arrange tradesmen to carry out work. Carlo, Ravindra and Manish are always call away when you need them. They also offer insurance and accounting help for person like me. PFSL has played huge part in developing my property portfolio by taking hassle of property management out from my life. I will be happy to refer any new or seasoned investors to try their services. “


“PFSL Rentals Team has been managing my property for more than three years now. They managed to find a tenant even before the property was in the market. They have been prompt in collecting rent regularly, attending to tenant calls, property inspection etc. Have never required to follow up on anything so far. Will be more than happy to give any reference.”


“I recommend PFSL to everybody because they have been managing my rental property for last two years and I never had any problem coming to me, they sought out everything before it even comes to me. I am very thankful to them for giving me a peace of mind.”

Shakuntla Devi

“Been with PFSL Rentals from the last two years and have enjoyed the peace of handing over the tough job of managing rentals to the professional hands of PFSL Rentals. In two years, from tackling and replacing troublesome tenants, finding new tenants at good rent rates, manging repairs effectively and cost efficiently, to collecting rent and managing water rates at such reasonable fees.

PFSL Rentals have exceeded all expectations at every level of service and I am more than happy to recommend PFSL Rentals to any one and allow PFSL Rentals to use my testimonial with my name and details in any advertising they wish to undertake.”

Jagdeep Gill