Making the Most of Minimalist

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Making the Most of Minimalist

Once you have purchased your dream home you begin to finally get down to the fun part: designing and decorating! Now, if you watch any sort of home decorating television show you would have most likely come across the word minimalist a few times, but what exactly does that mean?

The idea behind minimalism to make use of space by having small amounts of practical furniture to make the most of a space to help remove clutter and keep your mind and mental health fresh. Although this may be a relatively new fad, quite popular with young people, the idea can be traced back to the seventies with the hippy movement.

But minimalist can still be personal, and a lot of fun to design, usually mixed in with the colour pallet of your home. For example, if you chose to paint the interior of your home with a white or cream pallet, that can be matched quite nicely with a varnished wood themed furniture.

Speaking of furniture minimalist doesn’t mean hidden, many people think that minimalist means hiding furniture always and leaving less exposed but in reality, it is quite the opposite.  For example, an alternative to a built-in wardrobe would be a nice basic, and classic free standing wardrobe – this can put your clothes and colours (and personality) on display and you can utilise the space that can be taken up by a bulky built-in wardrobe.

One of the personal benefits of utilising minimalism in a new home or office is that a lack of visible clutter helps with the clutter of the mind. You don’t have to be an expert to know that the less clutter you have around the office or house makes it easier to work and get things done. Having a clutter free house to come home to or wake up, leaves you with the feeling of management and security in your life.

The great thing about this trend is that it’s ever-changing and never out-dated, with small amounts of furniture and simple colour pallets mean its easy to adapt and change with your lifestyle, which cuts costs in the long run. It’s well worth doing a little more research into it and checking out how and why this way of decorating and living has become so popular in the past ten years.


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