Trauma Cover

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Trauma Cover

This type of cover can be included in your insurance plan to pay you a lump sum amount to clear of your debt or provide cash to take care of your treatment and recovery from injury or illness.

There are various critical conditions covered under the policy which can range from up to 40+ conditions. However, 90% of trauma claims come from big four – Cancer, Heart Attack, Coronary Bypass, Stroke

Trauma Insurance is a one off lump sum payment available if you are diagnosed with a disease or suffer an event that meets the criteria. Trauma insurance is specifically designed to cover a limited number of specific illnesses or injuries. We believe trauma insurance offers two significant benefits:

Financial – in the event of a significant illness (covered by trauma insurance) you will be benefitted with a lump sum payment which you can use to clear of your mortgage debt or cover for loss of income for a period.

Recovery – a lump sum payment allows you to focus on recovery, rather than income stress, following a traumatic event.

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