Trauma & Critical Cover

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Traumatic events are stress inducing, and sometimes life changing events, so the last thing you or your family needs is the added stress of worrying about the financial repercussions. Trauma Insurance is a one off lump sum payment available if you are diagnosed with a disease or suffer an event that meets the criteria. This lump sum allows you to focus on recovery, rather than income stress following a traumatic event, and can be used to cover medical bills or loss of income for a period.


  • Medical costs
  • Heart & Arteries
  • Cancer
  • Loss of function
  • Home help
  • Lump sum to help with recovery
  • Early stage cancer cover
  • Grief support
  • Therapy


After suffering a major heart attack on the job wasn’t terrifying enough, Grant had to take time off work to recover and regain some motor skills. By accessing his trauma cover, Grant was able to take time off work to recover and still cover his income, and meet financial requirements such as his mortgage repayments – and focus on recovery and adjustment.

When Mark and Karen’s daughter spent time in Starship, they were able to take time off work to be by her side throughout thanks to their trauma cover. Thanks to the covering childhood cover, they were able to cover their income while they took time off, so they could devote their time to their daughter rather than stress about meeting financial commitments.