Permanent Disablement Cover

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Sometimes an unexpected illness or injury can take away the things we take advantage of. A permanent disability can affect our professional and personal lives, and it’s important to focus on this transition than stressing about covering financials. Permanent Disablement Cover offers a one lump sum that can be used to provide the best medical care for recovery and adjustment, improving access to a workplace or home, paying off the mortgage, or insuring your business can survive.


  • Ongoing medical costs
  • Adjusting to disablement
  • Home care
  • Succession planning
  • Specialist appointments
  • Business continuity
  • Pay off mortgage


Losing her legs after a major accident was a life changing event for Susan. She had to make additions to her house to make it more accessible and user friendly for her, pay her medical bills, and find new ways to make a living. Fortunately for Susan her Permanent Disablement insurance covered all these costs, and more – helping her focus on adjusting to her new lifestyle, rather than stressing about income and bills.

Gareth, 32, refused to let his new-found disability prevent him from running his business, but he knew he would have to take the time to adjust to his new lifestyle and that meant taking some time off for a while. Gareth’s Permanent Disablement Cover gave him a lump sum payment to help keep his business running until he was ready to take back the reins.