Income Protection Insurance

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Income protection insurance can be a life saver for any New Zealander recovering from an illness – taking time to fully recover physically or mentally is important and the burden of income shouldn’t hinder this. Income Protection gives you the ability to sustain yourself by receiving a monthly income benefit so that recovery can be your central focus.

If you are unable to work due to an injury or accident, ACC (accident compensation cover) covers medical expenses, ongoing treatment, and loss of income up to a certain amount – what ACC does not cover however, is illness. Income protection insurance provides cover in the event that you cannot earn your livelihood due to any illness or accident.  Every year New Zealanders suffer from illness such as depression and mental health affecting their ability to work and earn. Income protection provides ongoing income support for up to 75% of your monthly income so that you can concentrate on recovery without the added stress of financial loss.


  • 75% of gross income
  • If you are unable to work due to illness
  • Covers dependants
  • Rehabilitation and retraining support
  • Accommodation support
  • Mental illnesses


Jeremey, 50, hadn’t been feeling himself for some time and wasn’t’ enjoying the things he used to love, after being diagnosed with depression, he decided to take some time off work to find himself and let his mental health recover. Jeremey’s Income protection insurance enabled him to still be financially stable by covering his weekly income over his recovery period, so he could focus on his mental health and remove that added financial stress.

 Maxine, 27, had finally climbed the ranks to head chef of her restaurant and was living the dream, but when an accident left her in a wheel chair for a large amount of time she was able to focus on recovery thanks to her income protection which enabled her to still receive 75% of her income.