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Getting knocked down by an unexpected illness can sometimes cause major disruptions to your professional and personal life, so ensuring the fastest recovery is always a priority.  If you or a member of your family require surgery or medical treatment, health and medical insurance not only gives you the freedom to select the best specialists and the best hospitals, it generally ensures that you avoid a huge waiting list to receive essential treatment, and remove the stress of costly medical bills. This gives you greater certainty about the most important thing we need to protect – our health and our family’s health.


  • Treatment
  • Cost of private hospitals
  • Special Consultations
  • Dental
  • Optometry
  • General GM visits
  • Prescriptions
  • Physiotherapy
  • Surgery


After suffering a major fall from a quad bike, Brad, a farmer, had to have serious surgery on his right leg and undergo physical therapy to get him back on his feet. Luckily for the Brad, he had health insurance, which helped cover his medical bills, helped him get immediate treatment, and covered all additional medical costs, so he could be back on the farm in no time.

 Dean and Samantha were at their daughter Riley’s primary school for a teachers meeting. Riley’s teacher brought up that she has noticed riley is sitting right at the front of class and has been leaning into read a lot and suggested that she may need glasses. Dean and Samantha were able to get Riley into an optometrist, into a new pair of glasses, and back into the classroom in no time thanks to their health insurance which covered all the costs for them.