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Why Personal Insurance?

Personal Insurance is a lifeline for you and your family that can cover you from your heart to home. The various insurance options can cover all different types of medical expenses for you and your family, from basic GP visits to live saving medical procedures so that the financial burden is taken care of, so you can focus on recovery.

It can also be a saving grace for when the unthinkable happens, a permanent disability, terminal illness or an unexpected death can have major financial repercussions for you and your family. Our range of personal insurance can help cover medical cost, in-home support, income support, mortgage payments and funeral costs.

As a one stop shop for all financial needs, at Professional Financial Solutions we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients from your home to your health. As local professionals we can help build the perfect personal plan to suit your unique needs.

What We Offer

We have a wide range of insurance options so you and your family can focus on living life to its fullest!