Life Insurance

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Life can throw unexpected surprises – some good ones and some may be unfortunate. It is good to know whatever happens, the people you care about can still enjoy a comfortable life when you are not around.

Why do you need a life insurance?

If something unfortunate happens to you, your family who you care about will be taken care of in your absence. Life insurance gives you peace of mind, knowing that things are taken care of.

There are different levels of cover available. The policies can cover existing medical conditions and your current income level. You choose the maximum level of cover and the premium will be tailored for that level of cover.

There are other questions you need to answer –

  • Could your family cope with day to day living expenses
  • Could afford treatment if you were diagnosed with a serious illness
  • Could your family make mortgage payments due to your serious illness, injury or redundancy?


Not all Life Insurance policies are created equal. We need to understand your family’s financial requirements to organise the level of cover that will be enough to meet the day to day expenses.