Statutory Liability Insurance

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People make mistakes, and as a business owner, you are liable to pay for any fines that may be incurred to you through your business.  Fines and legal defense protection incurred through some breaches of Statute such as the Resource Management Act, Financial Reporting Act, and Building Act can be covered by statutory liability insurance.

If an employee in a large warehouse takes a fall or slip and severely injures themselves, the business owner could find themselves under investigation from the department of labor. If it is found that significant health and safety measures were breached, the business owner will not only have compensation costs to cover but also a substantial fine as well. Statutory Liability can cover both the cost of the fine and any other legal implications that may occur.


  • Legal costs from fines
  • Settlements

When an employee slipped over and injured himself in a restaurant where the staircase was weak and slippery, an investigation ruled that the owner of the restaurant was at fault and they were fined. Statutory Liability insurance covered the legal costs, fine costs, and settlement costs.

When a deck built by a local contractor assuring the perfect build, started warping after six months, the company was liable under the Consumer Guarantees Act to completely replace it as it was a botched job. Statutory liability covered these costs as well as the fines received.

When a manufacturing misunderstanding led to a collection of handbags to mislead customers into believing they were made in Italy, only to have been made in China, the company became liable for damages under the Sale of Goods Act. The company was able to claim Statutory Liability insurance to pay for the legal cost.