Business Interruption Insurance

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A natural event or disaster is not only costly in terms of rebuilding, but also in the income lost during any temporary closures of the location/s of your business. Business interruption insurance is designed to cover you against the actual loss of business income you sustain and enables you to remain in the same financial position in terms of trading as would have been the case before the insured event.


  • The actual loss of income over the rebuild.
  • Claim preparation fees
  • Turnover costs
  • Alternative accommodation.
  • Increased cost of working

After the Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand, Sandra’s business, like many retail and warehouses across the country, were having to go through significant rebuilds to catch up to new standards. On top of the cost of paying for repairs, Sandra realized there would be a significant loss of revenue that would have been made if the business was operating during this closure. Business Interruption insurance covered this loss to keep Sandra’s business in the same financial position as if she were open for trade.

When Daryl’s garage was destroyed in a fire, he had to move his business to a separate temporary location as the original went under repairs. Luckily for Daryl, his Business interruption Insurance covered the costs of this move and alternative accommodation to keep his business afloat.  

Sorting out how much financial damage an earthquake had caused to his business meant that Chris had to hire an accountant and evaluator to sort all the claim information. Chris was able to pay for these valuations and claim preparation fees as part of his business interruption plan, lightening the financial burden that had occurred.