Stock Damage / Theft Insurance

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A major burglary can end up being a huge loss for a small business, causing a loss of inventory and potentially a temporary close of business. Stock damage and theft cover can keep the wheels turning as you recover, the benefits not only include covering the costs of damaged and stolen product, but also replacing locks and adding extra security – a worthy investment to keep the business going.

Having all the tools to the trade is important to keep a business running smoothly, but sometimes the unexpected can happen including stock being severely damaged in the workplace and theft – which can leave the business with thousands of dollars in loss. Insuring your business can help replace these items in timely manner to keep the business running smoothly, and replace locks and security to effectively manage any and all incidents.


  • replacing stolen good
  • replacing damaged goods


After robbers took off with thousands of dollars of Karen’s small businesses stock, she was able to claim on her theft insurance to cover the loss and invest in back into replacing the products lost, so her business could recover and continue trading.

When Brian’s bakery was ransacked overnight, his business only took a small hit in lost food and petty cash, but the cost of repairing locks and windows was going to set him back thousands. Brian was able to claim on his insurance to cover the costs of added security and replacing damaged locks, so he could focus on running his business without the added stress.