Property Insurance

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The workplace is a financial foundation for you and your employees and insuring that workplace is insured can help add a sense of security for not just you, but you employees too. Insurance for a business property can help you focus on keeping the business running smoothly, rather than having to deal with the added financial burdens if anything unexpected were to happen.

Property insurance is a must have for property investors, your investment is your income. If anything were to happen to the property, It’s essential to be able to get it all up and running again as soon as possible so there is little to no loss in revenue.


  • Natural disasters
  • Fire
  • Water damage
  • Apartments
  • Workspaces


After a guest caused major damage in a hotel suite that put the room out of use for a couple of weeks, hotel owner Clark, 55, was able to claim on his Property Insurance to speed up the repair costs and have the room available for business in no time.

When a nearby waterline broke and flooded his workshop, Stephen, 40, was able to get his workshop repaired and up and running at no cost to him thanks to his property insurance which not only helped repair the flooring, but also any of the tools damaged in the process.

Stephanie’s property insurance came in handy when a small fire caused her to have to close and repair two apartments in the building she owned, her claim was able to cover the rent lost during this period, so she wouldn’t suffer any major financial loss.