Plant and Equipment Insurance

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Having the tools of the trade are important, they are the middle are the middle man for contractors to earn their income.  Damage or loss of these vital pieces of equipment can instantly hinder jobs and effect income, that’s where Plant & Equipment insurance comes in, to cover urgent costs to keep you on the job and earning money.

 New Zealanders are a hands-on nation, leading to many of us owning mobile businesses which require us to take our work on the road. Farmers, contractors and miners are a solid example where equipment is vital to protect your business from incurring loss. Plant & Equipment insurance helps take care of material damage and increased costs of working, among other benefits – to keep your business running smoothly.


  • Material and equipment damage
  • Increase cost of working
  • Mobil machinery replacement


Joe, 36, is a farmer who had one of his quad bikes completely give up on him. Luckily he had Plant and equipment cover which replaced the bike for him, so he could quickly get back to running the farm and not stress about the financial cover.

Ray has a number of heavy machineries as part of his construction business, he relies on these machines to get work done faster and make his business run smoothly. Ray got Plant & Equipment insurance to make sure that he is covered if any of them break down – so he can keep to schedule and keep his clients happy.