Debt Protection

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Incurring debt is a natural part of starting a business, to get a business up and running most New Zealanders borrow varying amounts to build the foundations to make revenue. Debt Protection insurance guards your personal assets by providing your business with the funds needed to service loans should an unexpected event occur.

Unfortunately, sometimes an illness can dramatically affect your life and put your dreams on hold. If you have started a small business and need to step away for a while to focus on your health and recovery, debt protection provides your business with the necessary funds to keep on top of your loan repayments.


  • Debt repayments during unexpected events.


When best friends Kathy and Niamh went into business together they took on a business loan together to fund their start up. Upon receiving the loan they decided to get debt protection insurance, in case one of them fell into a situation where they couldn’t help repay the loan, the sole responsibility wouldn’t be on the other one.

When his father passed away unexpectedly, it was up to Zack to take over his family’s business. Taking on the business also meant taking on the debt that came with it, but thankfully his father had debt protection insurance so that most of the debt repayments could be covered after his passing, and Zack could focus on breathing new live in the family business.