Business Asset Insurance

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Business Assets insurance helps insure the key assets that keep your company running – sometimes it’s the small thing you may not consider until you lose them. These assets can include a wide range of things including damaged electrical equipment and damage to stock from natural disasters.

Starting your own business and working for yourself is a Kiwi Dream. New Zealand is famous of its Kiwi fashion designers such as Karen Walker and long running family business such as Overland.  These companies pride themselves on quality products and it’s important to insure these products to keep the business moving smoothly. Business asset insurance covers any damages to inventory and stock, as well as exterior damage to outlets – so you can focus on the core brand image, and pushing quality product.


  • Repair/replacement of inventory/stock
  • Repair/replacement of signage
  • Building service facilities


When a flash flood destroyed 40% of small business owner Luna’s inventory, she was able to claim on here Business asset insurance to full replace the lost stock, the keep her business afloat.

When her work phone and laptop were stolen, Alanis lost the core tools to her fashion design business. With Business Asset insurance, Alanis was able to quickly replace both of these so she could get back to the job she loves.

When a strong winter storm severely damaged the outside of two of his retail outlets, Murray was quick to claim on his business asset insurance so he could fix and replace all broken signage and glass that occurred as a result of the storm.