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Our team can recommend insurance products that suits your lifestyle.

Life Insurance

Cover yourself and your family with our life insurance. It provides your family a lump sum payout as death cover to cover funeral costs, living costs, etc. read more

Health Insurance

Need cost-effective health insurance at affordable premiums? Get medical help sooner and avoid waiting queue at the public hospital. Enjoy life stress free. read more

Income Protection

Worried about any illness or injury striking you and you are unable to pay your bills. Income Protection insurance will help you with a monthly pay until you recover and get back to work again. read more

Mortgage Protection

Bought a house and not sure of who will pay your mortgage payments while you may get stuck with an illness or injury. Get a Mortgage Protection insurance to continue your repayments while you get treatment. read more

Trauma Cover

Trauma Cover known as Living Assurance insurance is a benefit designed to pay a lump-sum in the event a life assured suffers one of the covered critical illnesses. read more

Business Insurance

Running a business involves many risks. Some of the risks could be a stock loss from theft / fire, business continuity, overheads, etc. So our comprehensive business insurance cover can provide protection in these risk areas so you can focus on your business and hot having to worry about the unforseen events. read more

Professional Financial Solutions will offer their best advice in insurance products and guide their benefits for you and your family. Give our team a call to find out more.