We Ensure You're Insured Correctly

Having everything under one roof is our specialty – and its import that we build our insurance the exact same way.

We cover everything from basic Personal insurance to Business Insurance, and even Commercial Insurance, so we can help tailor your insurance you your specific personal needs – so you are covered for any and all situations life may throw at you.

Personal Insurance is a lifeline for you and your family, that can cover you from your heart to home.

Personal Insurance be a saving grace for when the unthinkable happens, a permanent disability, terminal illness or an unexpected death can have major financial repercussions for you and your family. Our range of personal insurance can help cover medical cost, in-home support, income support, mortgage payments and funeral costs.

What We Offer: Life InsuranceHealth InsuranceTrauma and Critical CoverPermanent DisablementIncome ProtectionMortgage Protection

As a business owner, you face risks & challenges each day to keep operating your business. But when the unexpected happens, you want to ensure that your business keeps operating without any disruptions so you, and the people you employ, don’t suffer any loss of work.

At Professional Financial Solutions we get to know you and your business so together we can properly tailor your insurance so you can protect yourself, your employees, your assets, and your income from any unforeseen circumstances.

What we offer: Property InsuranceBusiness Asset InsurancePlant & EquiptmentStock Damage and Theft, Loss of RevenueDebt Protection

Running a business or owning a Commercial property is a lot of responsibility, you become the face and name of an entity that can be liable and responsible for a handful of different things including fines, the livelihood of your employees and all legal responsibilities.

The last thing you want is any number of these things affecting your businesses’ income – and that’s why Commercial Insurance is a must have for any commercial property owner.

What we offer: Commercial Vehcial, Employers Liablity, Statutory Liablity, Public Liablity, Professional IndemnityBusiness Interruption